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‘A very successful mix of innovation and traditional values, personalisation and collaboration, open enjoyment and high achievement.’
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At its simplest, our mission statement as a school remains the same each year and that is to work to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our students thereby ensuring the best life chances for everybody in our care.
This is underpinned by a belief that ‘an education’ is more than just a set of qualifications but is an experience which allows young people to enhance their natural talents, gifts and abilities and we strive to ensure that all our students are supported to be the articulate, tolerant, resilient and caring young people who will go into the world beyond Haybridge capable of achieving great things and making a difference.
We work to provide all of our students with a bespoke learning experience which includes access to the broadest and most engaging and appropriate curriculum possible, outstanding teaching at all Key Stages and a motivating and energetic learning environment underpinned by an atmosphere of mutual respect and exciting extra-curricular opportunities.
We are very proud that in our last inspection report Haybridge was described as being ‘a very successful mix of innovation and traditional values, personalisation and collaboration, open enjoyment and high achievement’ and are committed to exploring the best that a 21st Century education can offer whilst remaining firmly committed to our traditions and values.
Equally, we are very proud of our reputation built up over many years for supporting students of all abilities to achieve excellent results at both GCSE and A level which enables them to move on to the best in higher education, training and employment.

We aspire to be world class; in both our delivery and outcomes and benchmark ourselves against the best educational practice both nationally and internationally. We work with partners within our Trust and beyond who enable us to offer the most diverse and specialised opportunities.

We look for the most outstanding opportunities for our students to engage with and are tenacious in committing to developmental work which will enhance the learning experience and ensure that Haybridge remains at the cutting edge of both innovative and collaborative practice.

Haybridge is a school about individuals and it is our vision that everybody feels that they have a voice which can be heard within the school and a personalised experience which enables them to succeed both personally and academically. 
Caroline Hoddinott
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